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How to maintenance pipe making machine

How to maintenance pipe making machine

How to maintenance pipe making machine?(tube mill line)

Tube mill line maintenance The role of the pipe making machine in the work is getting more and more attention, so how to effectively improve its work efficiency?
The author believes that only by knowing how to maintain the pipe making machine can the efficiency be improved. Next,  C-tech machinery Tube Making Machinery will share with you the maintenance experience of the tube making machine.
1. Always check the oil level gauge on the fuel tank, and the oil level must not be lower than the specified value.
2. When the fine oil filter is blocked by dirt, it needs to be replaced in time; when the coarse oil filter is blocked, it should be cleaned in time, once every three months.
3. When adding oil to the oil tank, it must be filtered, and the oil cannot be mixed with impurities such as water, rust, metal shavings, and fibers.
4. When starting the oil pump in winter or in cold areas, start and stop, repeat several times to make the oil temperature rise, and start working after the hydraulic pump station operates flexibly.
5. All knobs on the hydraulic pump station must not be tampered with by non-operating personnel.
6. Always observe whether the power supply voltage fluctuates abnormally, and check it every 3 months or so.
The correct maintenance of the sheet metal pipe making machine has a great positive effect on the efficiency and life of the equipment.

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