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About Us

About Us

Foshan C-tech machinery Co., Ltd,One Pipe Production Line, TIG Tube Mill, ERW Tube Mill, roll forming machine etc manufacturer, with 20 years of design and production experience, who have served more than 1000+ enterprises in 50+ countries.

tech machinery main products are Tube Mils,Roll sets, roll forming machine, Polishing Machine, Embossing Machines, pipe embossing machine,High frequency Tube Mill etc, one-stop service to the welded pipe enterprises.

Our advantage

● Tube Mill and Roll forming machine manufacturer, with 20 years of design and production experience, served more than 1000+ enterprise in 50+ countries;

● Increase the production speed by 40%; Increase the finished product rate up to 99%, and reduce the production cost of welded pipe;

● Provide TDP service, save freight cost up to 40% ;

● Provide ROI calculation service;

● Online installation service;

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