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How to maintain high frequency welding machine

How to maintain high frequency welding machine

How to maintain high frequency welding machine

Daily inspection of high frequency pipe making machine First check whether the pipeline is normal, and record the mechanical status of the solid high frequency pipe making machine. During use, the operating procedures in the manual should be strictly followed. Before the machine is operated, it should be checked whether all parts of the machine can work normally and whether there is any fault. It is found that the solid-state high frequency welded tube mill has a risk of future troubles, and it must be repaired first, so as not to affect the normal use below. Only when the parts and indicators of the machine are normal can it be started and put into production, otherwise it will cause loss of the machine

After the machine has been used for a period of time, pay attention to regular lubrication and cleaning of the machine to ensure its cleanliness. Only in this way can the machine function normally and it will be lighter during use. The parts of the high-frequency welded pipe machine that need to be lubricated should be lubricated on a regular basis, and lubricated with a special lubricant to prevent the welded pipe from rusting. The aging parts in the machine need to be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine. In addition, when the machine is not in use, the high frequency welding tube mill unit should also be kept properly and not discarded at will.

Although some stains have been cleaned with alkali, pickling and alkali cleaning are not the same for dirt. The purpose of pickling is to remove the scale on the mechanical surface of the high frequency welding tube mill. Pickling can be carried out at room temperature, has little corrosion to metals, less hydrogen absorption, little mixing compatibility with carbon black residues, pickling forms oxides, deep depth, easy cleaning, and does not affect galvanizing.

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