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industrial tube mills square and round pipe in china for sale


industrial tube mills square and round pipe in china for sale

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Industrial tube mills Introduction

Industrial tube mills  machine, covering range from 4.7mm to 320mm,and thickness is 0.17mm to 6.0mm. The tube mill line can produces stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe. And this industrial tube mills not only can make round pipe, square pipe, rectangle pipe, oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well.

Advantages (Industrial tube mills )

● Tube Mill and Roll forming machine manufacturer, with 20 years of design and production experience, served more than 1000+ enterprise in 50+ countries;

● Increase the production speed by 40%; Increase the finished product rate up to 98%, and reduce the production cost of welded pipe;

● Provide TDP service, save freight cost up to 40% ;

● Online installation service;

Stainless steel tube mill for decorative pipes

Stainless Steel Tube Mill Parameter (STEEL TUBE MILL MANUFACTURERS)


The main function of the ss tube mill is to deform the steel strip coil through forming, then use the argon arc welding torch to weld the steel strip, grind the weld seam through the grinding section, correct the roundness through the sizing section, and deform the round pipe into square/rectangle/oval shape through the Turkey head , cut the corresponding length by cutting machine, and finally collect the finished steel pipes by using the unloading rack.

The Process flow:

Single/Double Side Uncoiler—Tube Making Machine(1.Forming Part,2.Welding Part,3.Grinding,4.Sizing & StraighteningPart)—Cooling System-Outside Weld Bead Grinder—Automatic Cutting System—Run Out Table.

1.Sheet metal pipe making machine are mainly used for the production of various stainless steel pipes; use: welded pipe production line ss tube mill machine is mainly used for stainless steel decorative doors and windows, stair handrails, ordinary products, guardrail pipes, stainless steel pipes and low-carbon steel pipes (round pipes, square pipes) for train interior stewards , heterosexual tube) manufacturing.

Application for SS Tubes - Stainless Steel Tube Mill for Furniture Pipes Manufacturer The finished steel tubes can be used for decorative area, such as furniture,handrail,window, door, and so on.

tube rolling mills for Stainless steel industrial pipe Water pipe

ss tube mill machine for Stainless steel anti-theft window, stair railing

pipe tube mill for Stainless steel car exhaust pipe

ss tube mill for furniture pipes

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